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Drill-pressed piles

SUÌ-96 makes piles in diameter of 320-820 mm, length to 24 m, with bearing capacity till 280 t.

Manufacturing technique:

The working body of chisel setup (reciprocating screw) is in the ground be immersed, the speed depends on the soil solidity.

The depth of immersing, frequency of rotation reciprocating screw and its speed is supervised by onboard computer.

Also the system supervises the pressure and concrete delivery in relation to settlement diameter of a pile. When the reciprocating screw reaches, the required depth the concrete is delivered by pump. Concrete pump is to flexible concrete-delivery with hollow reciprocating screw connected. The reciprocating screw is growing up, the space is in a chink released. The chink reinforcing is with ready prefabricated reinforcement cages carried out, which are in the trunk chink with concrete established. After the prefabricated reinforcement cage setting will be formation of pile top with inventory metal casing done.

Public corporation "SUÌ-96" makes a full cycle of manufacturing drill-pressed piles with the subsequent test of their static loadings.


- drivers for manufacturing drillstuffed and drill-pressed piles BES 2; BES 3; BES 4 with hollow reciprocating screws continuous action, in complect with concrete pump Putzmeister und car concrete mixer on car KAMAZ basis