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Sheet fencing structure

SU-96 makes the setting of following:

matched protections for fastening of construction foundation ditches from metal hire of a various profile, match "Larsen" with connection the lock in the lock, metal pipes, flanges beams.

The immersing can be bore in preliminary drilled leader chinks made. Necessarily the metal match can be with vibratory pile driver extracted with vibratory pile driver if necessary.


The immersing of the match can be done with:

- diesel hummer drive;

- vibratory pile driver;

- match denting.



- pile driver on the basis of cranes RDK-25 with diesel hammers of any types

- pile driver SP-49 with diesel hammers of any types

- pilepress driver SVO-750-16-1-0-01 with the bearing plate, pressing effort under 90 tons  

- drilling rigs LBU -50; B-1518, UB -85

- low-frequency VP-OND 10-26