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tests of piles, engineering-geological researches

The basis for reliability and profitability of the pile foundation is to estimate the dealing capacity et the piles .

There is a special department «the Bases and the foundations»,dealing with the pile-testing. The department fulfils the following kinds of engineering-geological works:


The testing of bearing capacity of all kinds of piles and fragments of the bases with:

- dynamic loading;

- static vertical pressing, outpulling or horizontal loadings. Engineering-geological researches before building

- static ground sounding on depth to 20 m;

- geological chinks drilling;

- static ground tests loading, with the stamp the area 600 2; 2500 2; 5000 2 with a flat sole and a screw stamp the area 600 2. Consolidation of ground assurance quality

- statement of stamps with the module of deformation the condensed ground definition

- driving penetrometer dynamic sounding and definition of the ground consolidation - static sounding with , , φ definition.



- technique of special purpose UB-85; LBU-50;

- static sounding with TEST 2 setting;

- the basic construction for jet forces perception (the system of power beams with precast and (or) screw anchor piles; a cargo platform);

- truck cranes 45719; 55713, pump station, the pneumocompressor, truck crane Tatra-815;

- piles weighting structure (hydraulic jacks or calibrate cargo);

- measurement of pile movings in the course of test structure (reference system with measuring set).


The equipment for field tests grounds with dynamic loadings is the same as for piles driving (after project time interval).