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Vibratory pile driving

Vibratory pile drivers are on the pile driver been erected, because of it is possible the following work:

- reinforced-concrete piles plunging, metal pipes with weight till 4 t in the sandy waterlogged ground (depth till 14 m) plunging;

- reinforced-concrete piles plunging, preliminary drilling the lead chink and metal pips in clayey ground and loam soil plunging;

- fillet and other pile units plunging (extraction).


The technology is based to decrease the factor of the friction between the surface of the immersed element and the ground, because of the fluctuations from vibratory pile driver.


- low-frequency vibratory pile drivers VP-OND 10-26

- pile driver on the basis of cranes RDK-25

- pile driver on the basis of dredges EÎ-5111

- pile driver SP-49